What Is Included? Here is the process below...

1) Self Paced Online Content

Enroll in a course and get immediate access to the course content in your student account.

2) Hands on Training

Attend the ONE DAY (6 hour) training event! The hands on training is well worth your time and guaranteed to build your skill!

3) Virtual Shoot/Don't Shoot Self Defense Scenario

This 2-3 hour session is an awesome overview with shoot/don't shoot scenario and review with students on appropriate use of force.

4) Licenses & Certificates

Earn your Concealed Carry License or a Certificate of Completion from the USCCA Handgun Fundamentals & Self Defense course.... OR BOTH! 

Start your training journey!

The #1 Course For Building Student Proficiency With A Firearm!
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"I help my students by providing as many learning models as possible. I want to teach the way they learn!"


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What our students say!

I took the Women's Concealed to Carry course and it was amazing. The instructors we very positive and supportive. They even took special care with women who were new to firearms. They did a great job keeping everyone calm and safe while sharing their expertise. I definitely recommend them 
— Kat Maley
The Amador Group experience was incredible! Best CCW program ever. All 3 brothers were great, extremely helpful and they went above and beyond to ensure ALL the students felt comfortable in their training. Highly recommend this company and will definitely use in the future!
— Jordan O'Bryan
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