We are The Amador Group

We are born and raised in southern New Mexico. We each have a strong passion for training and coaching others. We care to make an impact in our community as we care about what our students learn and how they learn it. Our online self paced courses will provide students plenty of information. Student learnings are then reinforced in phase 2 of the training during the hands on portion prior to students getting to the range. The courses are designed for students to be successful and grow their confidence and skillset.
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Our Instructors

Angel is an outdoorsman through and through. When he isn't doing firearm instruction he enjoys much of his time outdoors. Angel has a number of firearm instructor certifications and has helped plenty students become confident with their firearm.
Angel Amador
Andrew has prior military experience and has a passion for training and coaching in his day to day job as well as for firearm instruction. Andrews has a number of firearm instructor certifications and is also a Range Safety Officer
Drew Amador
Ruben is a true heart of the group as his passion shines through every drill. Ruben, like his brother Angel, is an outdoorsman and has an even higher passion for teaching self defense.
Ruben Amador

Words I live by

“We do Not Rise To the Level Of Our Expectations, We Fall To The Level Of Our Training.”

— Walt Disney

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